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Welcome to the Atrium of the Patrician House Valerius and its affiliated guilds.

House Valerius was created originally as a mercantile guild in the game Roma Victor, an Online-RPG set in the Roman Empire beginning in 180AD. Commodus has just become Emperor after the tragic death of the beloved Marcus Aurelius.

House Valerius began as one of the oldest and most established Roman Merchant Houses in South Eastern Caledonia. Our ancestors came from the heart of Rome, and the history of our family dates well back to the time of Romulus and Remus. Thanks to the efforts of the original Valerii brothers Darkseer, Decimes and Crassus, we now have a strong hold in this remote part of the Empire.

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.

Ever since we first arrived here, many things have changed. The times of peace are over, and the borders of the Empire are constantly being challenged by celtic and pictish wartribes, led by the fearsome warrior Brudei himself. Our Governor Ulpius is determined to stop them with an iron fist.

In order to tackle this situation, Publius Darkseer Valerius has sent the Legion XXXIII and the Cohors VII Valeria Victrix to our support, thereby reconfirming our loyal stance as an integral part and spearhead of the Empire.

House Valerius has a lot to offer for individuals and we are pleased that you are taking the time to consider your future with us. We have many opportunities available, including the following:

Fight at the foremost front and show those hostiles who is in charge here?
Our Headquarters at Villa Longinus is very close to Hadrian's Wall and the Trinovantes Warhall is only a few kilometres away. If you are looking for action, you can't get any closer. The Valerian Legion and Cohors are smaller than the famous Legio XVIII, but nonetheless are proud to be home to some of the best fighters of the whole Empire. Thanks to our smaller numbers, the rules are slightly less strict than elsewhere, and some of the higher ranks are still open to the most dedicated heroes.

Have the Emperor use a sword made by YOU?
Join one of our many crafting arms and have your produce sold throughout the Empire! We intend to expand the Valerii Emporium across the land and need dedicated artisans that take pride in their work!

Build a city in the untamed wilderness?
Join what is slated to be the best construction team in the known world. We will be branching out to all major population centres and those folk will need housing, storage and more. In the wilderness we will be creating cities from the earth, spreading the hand of Rome even further.

Weave your machinations with political intrigues, plots and battles?
Work your way into the Patrician House structure and enter the world of politics with experienced mentors. If your dream is to reach the Senate or to merely be magistrate of a province then you can do so as part of House Valerius!

We are receptive of trade agreements, alliances and of course are continually seeking dedicated staff to help our ever expanding businesses.

We welcome you to have a look around further, and if you are wishing to join in our venture then you can formally apply in the Employment Opportunities section on our forum.

Also, make sure you've seen our recruitment thread on the Roma Victor Forum for latest news and info.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, and once again thank you for dropping by.

Camillus Tozzonius Valerius
Titiana Aconia Plinia Valeria